About Us
Club Philosophy 

We are truly a family oriented club that was formed in 1998 by the current Chairman, Bala Arumugam. The club was started in Manor Park, East London, to provide opportunities for children and adults who were not involved in mainstream football. Given the demographical location of the club it attracted people from all different communities from diverse backgrounds. It can be seen that till now some original members aged 12 then, and now in their late 20’s and 30’s are still playing, coaching or involved with the club in some form.
The clubs philosophy on developing members as good players and coaches, as well as building long lasting friendships is still paramount. This is evident with the fact that the senior coach still works with all the age groups from U5 right up to seniors, which maintains a sense of consistency in principles that have been tried and tested to a successful level.
This said, the club not only focuses on the social elements of lifestyle but also the overall technical, tactical and physical components of football that can be advantageous in any sport. The system has been developed over the past 18 years and is now inclusive of futsal, for the past 8 years. The club believes that all the members should be involved in futsal and small-sided games from nursery to adults.  This evidently will develop flair in individual abilities and also enhance the fitness and quick thinking associated with total football. Without a doubt although our players play smaller sided games as juniors. And, at times limited on 11 a-side involvement as juniors this seems to produce very technical players as adults who have had success against semi-professional clubs. This is purely based on the style of play and the beautiful pattern of play, which is mainly on the ground. The development has not restricted them as seniors, as they compete with players who have played exhaustively in 11 a-side as juniors.
 However, this does not mean that as a club we disagree with 11 a-side but feel that at younger stage children should develop more technically with more touches. It can be seen that even the FA over the years are increasingly encouraging Futsal, as we are not on the same platform as other European countries who have established professional Futsal leagues. The FA has also implemented 9 a-side formats for juniors to encourage development. 
Although the club is a relatively small this, however, allows us to focus on our members as individuals. Many of our past members that have joined at young age have stayed with the club for 10 to18 years and with that commitment have achieved many awards, which can be viewed in our ‘ Honors page’. As a club, we like to progress players from our youth development programs to adult representative teams, regardless of their ability. If we cannot retain players based on ability that have been with us from youth then we have failed. But, thankfully those that have committed have always had opportunities at senior level. 
In addition to the prospect of having a new senior side in the next made up of 90% youth from our development program, we would also be looking to create a senior Futsal team that will compete in the national futsal league organised by the FA. 
If you are interested in joining the club then please contact us, we welcome people from all walks of life. All we ask is commitment from parents/members and to respect the rules of the club.