Charity Work
Visit to orphanage and coaching work 
In 1998 Bala visited an orphanage on the outskirts of Chennai called "Udavum Karangal", translated as "helping hands". It was a very emotional and educational visit, highlighting the difficulties that children go through when being orphaned, some children had inherited HIV from their parents. It was quite distressing when having to go into a building and going up the floors meeting and holding newborn babies to talking to teenagers. Many of the newborn babies had been abandoned due to disability at birth with one child being found in a garbage bin. It is truly a remarkable work that 'Papa", also known as Mr. Vidyasakar was doing, having given up his own social life for the benefit of others.
  1. UK School for the disadvantaged
    UK School for the disadvantaged
  2. In house nursery
    In house nursery
  3. UK School for the disadvantaged
    UK School for the disadvantaged
  4. In house nursery
    In house nursery
  5. Children with new tailored kits
    Children with new tailored kits
  6. Training session at school grounds
    Training session at school grounds
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    Title 13
Lotus Football Development in Shalom Mat. School, Chennai
During the summer of 2003 Bala made a trip to a rural part of India to develop sports facilities and sports coaching structure in a local school that was in need of support. As part of the development, an interview process was conducted and a PE Teacher was recruited and trained. Alongside this the whole of the playground was re-leveled with clean sand using a JCB and goalposts installed. Most of the equipment was shipped from England and in addition, a youth centre was built on the top floor of the school with various programs being implemented for both girls and boys. During my 6-month stay I was able to have sports kits made and also take the children to school sports meets and friendly football matches at local schools, which set the benchmark for the future PE teachers to follow. My gratitude goes out to the principle of the school and Gabriel (PE Teacher). Gabriel was 19 at the time of employment and continued his services at the school till the age of 25. During his time the school achieved various district and state level honour.

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